Things you should know to become a digital marketer
Have you just started out as a Digital Marketer? Or starting a Digital Marketing agency? It takes years to master Digital Marketing, but with the right pinch of salt, you could accomplish it very easily. Easy in the sense that it does take hard work but if you can master these skills right now then you can start seeing the results in just a few months.   So let us take a look into 5 things you should know to become a successful Digital Marketer 1) Content Writing
Content writing
Whether you are creating a self-brand or looking for a job in the digital marketing field, probably the first thing you have to start with is Content Writing. Content Writing and Digital Marketing go hand in hand because if you want to optimize your SEO you would need content. And that too not just any normal content, but a content which you have to optimize it for the SEO. In short, you should be writing rich SEO content. Companies nowadays hire content writers to write content for them. Either it is the content writer who has to learn SEO or the digital marketer who should learn content writing. Like said before both go hand in hand so start with Content Writing. Here are a few tips on how to write content which is optimized for SEO. 2) WordPress or Web designing
wordpress things you should know as a digital marketer
Web designing has never been so easy as it is today and I prefer WordPress. WordPress is also essential for a digital marketer to learn unless you have a big team. If you are starting it out all by yourself, WordPress is a must. As I had mentioned in my earlier post Steps to start as a Digital Marketer you should start with having your own website or blog. So learning WordPress comes handy and it’s very easy too. Learn how to use WordPress here. 3) Designing
Designing things you should know as a digital marketer
Whether you have to design a banner for your blog or a photo to post on social media or an infographic which you would like to use in your content, you have to learn to design. You don’t have to be a pro in using Photoshop or any other software that is complex. There is some easy free software which does the work for you. Canva, Crelo, and many more which you can use to create stunning designs whatever your requirement may be. 4) SEO
SEO things you should know as a digital marketer
39% of customers come from clicking your page from search results and 78% never go to the second page of the search results and 96% of the web experience start from Search engines. Mastering SEO is a must. You should know SEO tactics like updating title tags, H1 and H2 tags, Keywords, etc. And SEO tactics also include Content Marketing, guest blogging, and link building. Learning how to do SEO and practicing it makes you an expert. Learn essential SEO tips here 5) Brand manager
things you should know as a digital marketer no.5
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You should act as a brand manager when you are doing digital marketing for a company or a brand. Knowing where to post, when to post, what keywords to be used, description and various other things if you are concentrating on social media. And if you are working on a blog or a website knowing who your competitors are, a little research on the competitors like what keywords do they rank for, their top pages, how they build their social presence, etc., and knowing where to build your backlinks, is it necessary to run an ad or you can manage to get organic traffic. There are so many other things you should consider when you are providing your digital marketing service to your clients. So better like I had mentioned in the post: How to start as a digital marketer, when you build your own brand, this not only builds your reputation but also get you to know in complete how to build your digital presence effectively.

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