Our story

About Hasnain

An Artist, a traveller, a digital marketer, an entrepreneur and what else. Hey Guys! This is Hasnain Aamir from Chennai. I am a passionate Digital Marketer and have been in the industry since 2016.

I know its just been 3 years in this field but the reason why I chose myself to train people Digital Marketing is to share my personal experience on how I laid a foundation for my businesses and how I have also helped my clients with the same.

I started my career as a life skill trainer at the age of 16. I’ve trained many students from schools and colleges. Yes, I was that young one standing in front of much experienced audience, but I was able to do it. Training was and is my passion and I started working on it to become one of the successful trainer in India to train in 5 languages. 

2016 was when I was introduced to Digital Marketing. My keen interest to learn this new marketing way helped me incorporate the Digital Marketing strategies into my Business. Now I am a Digital Marketing consultant for 14 companies and have trained more than 600 students in Digital Marketing.